Teen Hair Styles

Fashionable teen hairstyles is always at the top position in the fashion world or magazine cover. Generally the teenagers like to wear various funky and wild hair styles. You can create latest teen hair style in any type of hair wheather it is short, long, wavy, straight or curly. There are different variations of hair style in each hair type.

Teen hair style in short hair

The short teen haircuts are always chic and never go out of fashion. 90% of young girls love to wear short hair style because of its easy maintenance. You can sport the short teen hairstyle quickly. Today the most popular short teen hairstyle is the pixie hair style. Here the locks are trim nearly 1 or 2 inches over all sides. This short hair style provides lot of volume at the top.

Cute Teen Hairstyles Pictures

Cute Teen Short Hairstyles Pictures

Textured teen hairstyles

Texture is required in hairstyle for achieving trendy and stylish look. You can create the texture by cutting many layers, adding bangs or adding natural curls. Also it can be created by using different thermal styling tools. If you want to achieve teen hairstyle by adding curls everyday then use tube rollers.

Textured Teen Hair Style

Textured Teen Hair Style

Teen hair styles with Highlights

Including various hair style you need to add different shades of hair color also. All trendy hairstyles look more gorgeous when you add highlights to it. You can easily put highlights on your hairstyle and achieve dramatic look. Always choose a hair color according to your body complexion. If you add dark hair color then you will get gothic look. The different trendy teen hairstyle does not give you unique style; it is the color which you add on your tresses makes you different.

Color Highlighted Teen Hairstyle

Color Highlighted Teen Hairstyle

Do not use common hair color that people have already worn. For getting more information about teen hairstyles you can visit different websites and see the pictures of teen hairstyles in various hair care magazines.

Pictures for Different teen Hairstyles

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